Monday, May 15, 2017


Hi, today I wanna introduce you an awesoe online shop: Rosegal. They sells various kind of modern and vintage dress. They also sell bag, shoes and other accesories for us.

Im so excited when visiting their website, many range of clothes available there with affordable price. So I pick some favorite dresses as a wishlist. Recently I got many wedding invitations. Sometimes when I go to a party, I wanna look classy and pretty by wearing classy dresses. Here, I chose some sexy dresses and beach clothes from Rosegal collections. 

Sexy Round Neck Sleeveless Backless Bowknot Design Dress For Women - Apricot

Sexy Round Neck Sleeveless Backless Bowknot Design Dress For Women - APRICOT 2XL  Sexy Round Neck Sleeveless Backless Bowknot Design Dress For Women - APRICOT 2XL

So in love with the backless dress. It looks simple and classy. The ribbon on the back make it looks prettier. We dont need many accessories when wearing this dress. 

Sexy Career High Waist Short Sleeve Polka Dot Skater Dress - White

Sexy Career High Waist Short Sleeve Polka Dot Skater Dress - WHITE 2XL Sexy Career High Waist Short Sleeve Polka Dot Skater Dress - WHITE 2XL 

This dresss looks classy and vintage. I really love the v~neck part of this dress. 

Sexy Lace Slash Collar Long Sleeve Solid Color Bodycon Slimming Women's Dress - Black

Sexy Lace Slash Collar Long Sleeve Solid Color Bodycon Slimming Women's Dress - BLACK L Sexy Lace Slash Collar Long Sleeve Solid Color Bodycon Slimming Women's Dress - BLACK L 

This lace dress is so pretty. This is my fav, I think I wont look too short wearing this dress. It will be perfect pairing this with nice shoes. 


Thats all of my favorite dresses from Rosegal. You can choose your own favorite dress there. 

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Sunday, May 7, 2017


Hi everyone ^^~ , its already May and this is my first post this month. Im so sorry that I cant update my blog last mont haha. I was too lazy and sick for two weeks last month so I wasnt in the mood to write posts for my blog. But I promise, this month I will write many blog posts. hahaha 

So today, as a starter post I have a haul post that I bought from Testerkorea last month. I mostly bought some cute items and skincare samples. Since some brands are not available there, I still can make request order for the brand that I wanna buy. There are so many brands that are on sale in April, that is why I was so excited to buy some. Okay here are my haul ^^~


Actually I ordered this on my previous order, but they made mistake not to include this cushion on my package. I made complaint and they promise to send along this cushion on my next order. And finally I got this on my package yeahhh. Im really happy to get this.  
Bought this when its on sale for 50% , I wanna try laneige cushion also it has cute packaging haha. 


Another cushion that I put on my basket hahah. I cant ressist the cuteness XD. It only has 2 shades, I chose shade pink ivory because the cushion's design is more adorable XD.
Not only the design is cute but the cushion itself is very unique. Being dfferent with other bb cushions that come along with refill , this cushion can't be refilled instead haha. 


I fall in love with the Peripera ink velvet, I had bought some ink velvets. Now that they had released new formula for the ink velvet which is airy ink velvet, Im so excited to try it also. From all of the shades, I chose the shade no. 5 elf light rose, another mlbb color.


Its alluring my heart at the first shight XD , the design reminds me with Cath Kidson floral design. Its really pretty and adorable, bought this while its on sale on their website. There are two shades available, Dorothy (brown palette ) and Alice ( pink palette ). 


Not only the eyeshadow palette from Rose Mine colletions, I also bought the pudding tint. It has the same design packaging with the eyeshadow palette. 

There are 5 shades available, all the colors are so pretty and I wanna buy all of them haha, but sadly I only can purchase one shade since I dunno how the quality of this pudding tint. I got mine shade no.4 pink sherbet, I think its the prettiest shade from all. 


The last cute item in my package is dual eyebrow cake from SEANTREE. My canmake mix eyebrow is already hit the pan XD, then I saw this on sale and bought it haha. It has cute packaging for an eyebrow cake, since SEANTREE is very popular with the cute packaging. This is the first time I try a product from this brand. 

I also got some samples from Seantree. I got mask sheet , mirror and few samples.


I also purchased some skincare samples at Testerkorea, they are serum, essence , facial foam and sleeping mask. I wanna try some essences from The history of whoo and Black Tea toner from Tony moly.


This item was bought from haha, but I include this in my April haul. Its really hard to get this, I forget to purchase from Testerkorea. So I bought this from local online shop. At first I only tried this in sample form, and it really works well on me. It makes my skin moist and looks healthier, so I decided to buy the fullsize. 

Thats all of my haul last month, whats yours?? you can leave ur links in the comment box below so I can visit them ^^~ 

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Monday, April 17, 2017


Hi... bulan april ini lg males malesnya ngeblog haha g tau knp. Tapi yahh mau g mau harus produktif tiap bulan. Hari ini ak mau review eyeshadow brand lokal: Emina. Beberapa bulan kemarin uda ada offline storenya emina di kota q. Yauda beli bbrp produk , soalnya kemasannya jg lucukk jadi pngen beli semua XD untungnya ada bbrp yg oos jadi g kalap belanjanya ㅠ.ㅠ. Kali ini ak mau review Emina Pop Rouge Eyeshadow Pressed Eyeshadow yg Gelato. Udah banyak yah kayaknya yg review eyeshadow gelato ini. Soalnya emg lmyan sih hasilnya dan cocok buat pemula yg lagi belajar makeup an XD. Akhir2 ini ak sering bgt beli eyeshadow XD pdhal bikin eye makeup aja g bs kwkwkw XD sok sok an beli eyeshadow. Gpp dong yah, buat investasi dan koleksi XD . 


Yg bikin eyeshadow ini keliatan cute menurut q karena box packagingnya. Biasanya brand lokal jarang ada yg pake box untuk trio eyeshadow mereka. Di bagian belakang box tertera ingredients dan harganya. Untuk harga offline nya mnurut q termasuk murah cuma Rp 33.200.

Packaging eyesahadownya terbuat dari plastik yg cukup tebal dengan ornamen khas Emina di atasnya. Ada dual tip brush bawaan di dalamnya, ini sponge brush yah tp ak jrg pake ini soalnya kurang nyaman pas dipake. ak lebih suka pake kuas q sendiri.

Untuk packaging belakang ada informasi nama shade, netto dan expired date nya.

Ini dual tips brusnya, karna texture eyeshadownya yg agak keras klo pake sponge brush ini jadi agak susah ngambil produknya. Susah jg pas dibaurin di kelopak mata. Jadi Ak lebih suka pake brush sendiri.

Color & Swatch

Ini tipe trio eyeshadow, aku milih yg gelato karena warnanya yg soft dan natural jadi bisa dipake untuk sehari- hari. Dari ketiga warna trio ini , 2 diantaranya punya tekstur shimmery untuk warna gold dan pink. Sedangkan untuk warna brownnya punya hasil matte.

Dari swatch di tangan, ketiganya pnya pigmentasi yg standar. Menurut q pigmentasinya hampir sama kaya eyeshadownya Canmake. Memakai base ato g menurutnya pigmentasinya sama aja sih, dan saat di aplikasikan ke mata, untuk warna pink dan gold kurang keluar. Padhal warnanya cantik dan natural menurut q .ㅠ.ㅠ

Oia selain untuk eyeshadow, biasanya ak pake buat ngalis untuk shade brownnya, dan untuk warna gold ak gunakan sebagi highlighter XD. Dan hasilnya lumayan bgt. Untuk warna brownnya yg ak gunakan sebagai alis warnanya ada hint kemerah2n nya, tapi masih kelihatan natural kok.


Seperti yang ak katakan diatas, pigmentasi agak kurang di warna gold dan pink. Mungkinnkarena mereka pny texture shimmery. Sedangkan untuk warna brown punya pigmentasi lumayan, jadi bisa juga dipake buat eyebrow powder. 

Love : 

♡ cute packaging
♡ murah
♡ warnanya natural

Hate :

☆ pink dan gold warnanya kurang keluar
☆ brushnya kurang sesuai untuk q.

Repurchased? iyaaa. ak mau beli lagi yg gelato karena bisa dijadiin brow powder dan highlighter sekaligus hahha XD

Eotd nya disini ak pake warna gold dan brown dikelopak mata, dan warna pink untuk dibawah mata. Hasilnya menurut q soft dan natural XD. Oia itu eyebrow jg pake warna yg brown dan highlighter pake warna gold dari eyeshadow gelato ini. XD

See yaaa~~~ on my next post ^^~

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

[ REVIEW ] : 13MONTH SKINSHIP STEAM CUSHION #21 ( 0.8L Indonesia )

Yaay finally I got a chance to win from 0.8L Indonesia hahah. Its really hard to win their giveaway. So today I will review about the 13Month Skinship Steam Cushion, Im very happy to get this cushion haha. 

13month is actually a clothing brand but they also launched their cosmetics line a few month ago. Just like Stylenanda with their 3ce and Chuu with Beige Chuu as their cosmetics line. Im so happy that I got a chance to try their new launched cosmetics line. I have a big expectation to this cushion, so please read until finish to know whether this cushion work on me or not.

It took almost 2 months to arrive. haha make me worried if they stucked in the customs office ㅠㅠ.

There are 4 main points about the cushion on their website. So once more I need to bother my Korean friend to translate it since its written in Korean haha.

Point 1 : block ultraviolet
by adenosine, it helps skin wrinkle improvement. 3functionality (skin wrinkle improvement, block ultraviolet, whitening)

Point 2 : Moisture
It makes skin moist with sodium hyaluronate, aloe, cactus extraction

Point 3 : Whitening
Make by many energy of extraction (licorice/mulberry/rose/daisy/lotus/cherryblossom), make skin  bright and lively

Point 4 : the White willow
extraction from white willow tree which is plenty of salicylic acid, it helps skin feel comfortable

So in conclusion, this cushion has triple function as UV protection, wrinkle improvement and whitening.
Okay now lets talk about the cushion haha.

It comes in a baby pink box, without any refill inside. Yeah only single cushion set haha. There are some information about the cushion written in Korean. 

The cushion comes in a square shape unlike the other cushion. Its almost the same with Pony Effect Cushion. The color is also the same with the box, baby pink and silver lining around the cushion. Its the part that I dont like from the cushion, because the silver part getting dirty easily. 

The other thing that make it different with the other cushion is that its a magnetic compact. So it will be more secure than usual cushion imo. The cushion compact surprisingly is really light weight, I tot that it will be heavy since it has different shape than usual cushion.

We need to peel off the sticker on the mirror so that it can be used. We dont need to bring additional mirror because the mirror's quality is really great.

The puff is white, I dont like to wear the puff coz its hard to apply the cushion on my face. It doesnt absord well so its really unconvenient to use the puff. I prefer to use the blue puff. I dont know the difference between the blue and the white puff, but I think the blue one is easier to absorb the cushion.

The cushion comes in a black container, which is usually most cushion come in white container. It make the cushion look elegant and expensive haha.

When we open the cushion, there is a sticker to protect the cushion. I never throw away the sticker, it keeps the cushion to not getting dirty easily. 

I got shade no 21. Its the lightest shade, there are only 2 shades available: #21 and #22. Gladly I got the lightest shade, because I usually buy the light shade for bb cushion. 

Fortunately the shade blends well on my skin. It looks really light at first but it blends well with my skin tone without giving white cast.

It has medium ~ high coverage, since it can cover my redness and my big pores well. It also can cover eyeliner mark that I create on my hand. But one bad thing, it cant cover my pimple perfectly. hahah. Well yeahh I dont mind it. Most cushion , even the expensive one maybe cant cover pimples well also.

The cushion is really light and I can apply it many layers without cakey. It has glow finish on me, and I really like it. I think this will be perfect for us who have normal to dry skin type. 

The first time applying this cushion I can smell very nice scent. It doesnt bother me at all. I prefer cushion that have nice frgrance to cushion with chemical scent. It can last up to 5~6 hours, its really great that it doesnt turn out greyish or make my face oily. 

Overall I really love this cushion, it keeps my skin moist and doesnt cause any problem on my skin after applying this cushion. 

Love :

♡ cute packaging
♡ triple functions
♡ medium coverage
♡ nice fragrance

Hate :

☆ The puff is unconvenience to use
☆ Expensive ( without refill)

See yaaa~~~ on my next post ^^