Thursday, June 7, 2018


Its quiet a while that I dont play with my wig. Most of them are cosplay and lolita wigs, and usually wear them only when there are some Japan event that are held in my city. I really treasure them since they all are so pretty and hard to take care of XD. 

There will be a J-event in the next few months, so Im planning to be a lolita girl there. Talking about Lolita fashion, wig is the most important item to get the lolita look.
So I wanna introduce you an online shop that sell wigs. is an online shop that provide many kind of wigs. They offer good quality products, affordable prices, quick delivery and top-tier customer service.

The important thing to do when buying wig is choose high quality synthetic wig. use a high quality heat resistant synthetic fiber that is designed to last a long time with proper care(up to 150 Degrees Centigrade (300 Degrees Fahrenheit))

Next, choose the style and color of the wigs that you want. I only have dark brown color from my lolita wig collections. Its the safe color to choose and wear, because I bought them as my first wig and still afraid to wear colorful wig hahha

Sometimes I really wanna try pink pastel wig since pink is my favorite color. Then I choose some of pink lace front wigs from their collection. Every girl will love to wear pink wig, it will be perfect to look cuter with it. 

The next color that I really wanna try is blonde. I dunno that this color will suit me or not haha. I found a beautiful blonde front lace wigs from Somehow blonde wig will make us look different , glamorous or playful. 

24 Platinum Blonde Straight Synthetic Lace Front Wig-edw1055


The last color that I really wanna try is ombre wig. These days, ombre wig is quiet popular among lolita girls. They will look so kawaii and dreamy at the same time^^.




Thats all of wigs that I found in that will be great choices as lolita wig. ^^ You can visit their website to find you favorite wigs. Hope you enjoy reading my post ^^


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Friday, June 1, 2018


Hello June ^^ , hi everyone XD. for my first post in June, I'd love to share my summer wishlist from ROSEGAL. As you know the weather these days are getting hot and hotter. Since there are only two seasons in Indonesia, everyone probably will feel excited with summer. But I'm not a summer person XD I just cant stand the heat. I'd just stay indoor with aircond rather than hang around outside enjoying the sun. But that doesn't mean I hate summer, no no. Im excited too when summer comes, it means that I can visit the beaches yayy  XD  I hate the rainy season more actually hahha XD. 

Okay enough with the nonsense about season haha. So, I choose some lace items that will perfect for summer outfit from ROSEGAL website.

So that's all of my wishlist items from Rosegal. For me Rosegal is such a great apparel online shop that offers free shipping worldwide on any order. If you are looking for some summer dresses, you can visit Rosegal dresses promotions. There are so many dresses with affordable price and in a great deal price.


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Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Yeah it almost the end of May, and I was so glad that my package from ZAFUL had arrived few days ago. As usual it came faster than I was expected. So today, I’d like to write review of my Zaful Haul. You can read my previous Zaful wishlists here. From my wishlist, I purchased 2 yellow dresses, earring and brush set.

This is my favorite dress from this haul. I really love the floral pattern and how the dress fit well on me. Actually this dress is a wrap dress and a lil bit tricky to wear. I need to tie around the strings to make it fit on me.

Im S size but ordered the M size and the dress is perfect fit on my small body though. The wringled-resistand fabric is really cute, light , flowy and comfortable to wear. The puff sleeves are  lil bit wide imo, but it still look cute.

The second yellow dress is also pretty. Actually I really love it. But I don’t really like that the V-collar is too low, that makes me uncomfortable to wear it. Aside from that, It has good material and really look the same as the picture in the web. 

The s size fit me well and the length is just perfect for me.

These fluffy drop earring are really cute.  The color is really pretty and soft, look the same as pictures on the web. 

I was just a lil bit disappointed when the fuzzy balls got flattened, probably it happened during the delivery. And fortunately they can come back to it shape , though not in perfect shape. But overall, I really love the earring since they are pretty adorable ^^.

The brush set is pretty handy and affordable. I purchased this as a present for my friend actually. The brushes set is convenient and travel friendly, since the size is smaller than regular brush. The bristles quality is so so in my opinion, not too soft and not too rough also. I think its perfect for beginners. 

Thats all of my Zaful haul this month. You can share any haul post that u have on the comment box bellow. I'd be glad to read yours ^^ 


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Sunday, May 20, 2018


Hi it has been so long I didn't make review about lenses ^^. So today finally make a review about my favorite lenses that I wear recently. And I hope I will make more lenses review in the future. So last few months ago I bought this pretty lenses. I fall in love with the pattern and colors, gladly Sweety Plus has this lenses with prescription. I know that there is another brand has this kind of pattern but only plano available, so I skip it and choose Sweety Plus Lenses instead. This is my first time wearing lenses from Sweety Plus anyway, do they fit on me or not?  keep reading my full review below okay ^^

Lenses Description :

image Origin : South Korea 
image Brand : Sweety Plus 
image Base Curve : 8.6 mm 
image Diameter : 14.2 mm 
image Water Content : 40 % 
image Life Span : 3 months 
image Prescriptions : 0.00 ~ -6.00

This is the cutest packaging I ever seen for lenses haha. They comes in vial bottles packaging. The design is really cute, its really pampering our eyes who love cute things.The lenses descriptions are written on the bottles and some information are written in Thai. Which is probably that the lenses are manufactured in Thailand though their origin are from Korea. The lenses come in 4 color choices available: Brown, Grey, Blue and Pink. Mine is the Luna Prism Venus Brown

The pattern and color of the lenses are kind of pretty and dreamy, that's why I really wanna try them out. The lenses have many tones: brown , dark blue, violet, and yellow but the brown tone is dominated since I chose the Luna Prisms Venus Brown lens.

It has 14,2 mm in diameter, but when wearing it becomes 14mm since the outer ring is transparent so it doesn't give any enlargement to my eyes. It perfectly fit to my real brown eyes and look so natural though they have many tones in them.  

They looks so natural and blends well on me, people maybe didn't notice me wearing circle lenses but after they watched me closely it became noticeable. Since they look natural, I can wear this as daily lenses.

These are silicone hydrogel lenses, but for me they are getting dry easily after 5 hours. Still I can wear them up to 8 hours with drops. Though the dryness issue, they don't make my eyes feel tired or irritated at all. 

Overall, I really love how pretty their pattern and color are. About the dryness, maybe its because my eyes are too sensitive , and it can give different effect to others eyes. So please think wise about the dryness issue. For all of you who love this kind of lenses and love to wear small diameter lenses, you can give these lenses a go ^^.


image Pretty pattern and color
image Look natural and blend well


image getting dry after 5 hours wearing

Repurchased? Sure I'd like to try another color too ^^. 


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