Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Hellooo,, I'm being active recently hahah, 3 posts for last month XD I wish I can stay like this each month. Well, today I wanna share another skincare review, yeap its a face scrub. As you know that I'm a fan of Emina Cosmetics, a local brand in Indonesia. Some of their products are good and really catch my heart. From their skincare products, I have tried the face scrub, face mask, face wash and sun screen. But today I'm going to review their face scrub, my favorite among of all.

Hello kali ini ak mau review skincare lg ^^~. Beberapa produk lokal yg aku punya dan favorit bgt kebnyakan dari Emina Cosmetics. Bnyk produknya emina yg emang bagus dan bikin jatuh cinta sih ya. Kalo dari produk skincare Emina, aku udah coba face scrub, face mask, face wash dan sunscreen nya. Dan yg jadi favoritku itu Apricot Face Scrubnya, yg mau ak review kali ini. 

Actually, I always avoid using face scrub product since my face is pretty sensitive. But when the Beauty Assistant, offered me to try and persuade me that the scrub is really great and smell good. I got into their trap hahah but I didn't regret at all. This face scrub is amazing and I love this so much XD Read the full review if you wanna know why do I adore this so much.

Karena wajahku yg super sensitif, sebenernya aku paling ga mau dan ngehindari bgt pake masker scrub kayak gini.Tapi pas mampir konter Emina mbak mbak BA nya nyaranin scrub ini karanena katanya bagus dan wanginya enak bgt. Yauda lah masuk keperangkap mbak BA nya kkwk, tp g nyesel kok >3<)/// Aku cocok dan suka bgt pake scrub ini. 

It comes in a tube plastic with flip top packaging. The design is very simple but adorable. It is very easy to squeeze the tube to make the scrub out. With 60ml product, its enough to be used for 5~6 months maybe because we only use this twice a week.

Bentuk packagingnya tube kayak facial foam gitu, designnya emina bgt simple tapi eye catching gitu. Tube nya jg empuk dan gampang di pencet buat ngluarin scrubnya. Isinya 60ml, dan menurutku ini lumayan bnyak dan bisa dipake 5~6 buln karena makenya jg 2x seminggu.

The main ingredients are the apricot seed and Olive Oil. They will give us a moist and natural exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and impurities. When we read the ingredients content, we can find that this mask contain paraben.

Bahan utama masker ini tuh biji aprikot dan olive oil. Fungsinya memberi kelembaban dan mengangkat sel sel kulit mati. Pas aku baca ingredientnya, paling bawah sendiri masker ini  ada kandungan parabennya.

The scrub's texture is thick cream, and contain brown and rough scrub maybe they're apricot seeds, at first Im afraid that it will really hurt when I do scrubbing. One of my friend said that the scrub is too big and hurt so much TT,TT. But when tried this it only hurt at the beginning, after that I didnt feel hurt at all.
Teksturnya cream padat dan ada scrub berwarna coklat dan kasar, kayaknya itu biji apricot. Awalnya takut klo bakalan sakit pas scrubbing. soalnya ada tmen yg bilang sakit bgt scrubmya, eh tp pas aku pake g terlalu sakit. Awalnya doang sakit tapi habis itu g kerasa apa- apa. Masih sakitan kalo chatnya g dibales sama gebetan kok XD ehh

It has pretty nice scent, umm apricot scent maybe since this is Apricot Jam face scrub. But its sweet like candy scent. Though I haven't opened the cap, the scent has already been smelled. I really love the smell, so that I enjoy scrubbing.

Dan yang paling aku suka bgt dari scrub ini tuh baunya. G tau yah aku g pernah keganggu klo ada produk entah makeup ato skincare yang ada bau baunya gini. Kecuali klo baunya agak kayak obat ato herbal gitu ak g suka XD.  Baunya apaya yah kayak permen buah gitu, manis enak , bahkan belum buka tubenya aja baunya udah kecium. Enaa bgt pokonya baunya bikin betah pas scrubbing.

I just need small amount for my face, spread evenly on all of my face. Then I massage gently, leave it for 15 minutes. You can read or watching video on youtube while waiting like I usually do haha. After 15 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water.

Aku cuma butuh dikit aja sih buat scrubbing dimuka secukupnya aja, boleh jg diratain sampe leher. Ratain dimuka trus dipijat pijat memutar gitu, diemin smpe 15 menit lebih jg boleh. Biasanya sambil nunggu aku tinggal streamingan youtube atau blogwalking. Kalo udah 15 menit, dibilas pake air anget.

It feel really soft and bouncy directly when I rinsed it. >3<)// omg. I really love it, I can see the result since the first usage. And the soft feeling last for all the day, make me wanna touch my cheeks all the time haha.

Sumpah, lembut bgt rasanya muka aku XD kwkw baru dibasuh air uda kerasa lembut sama kenyal gitu. Pas baru pertama pake dulu jg lngsung kerasa lembutnya. Sensasi lmbutnya jg masih kerasa seharian loh, kumel deh pipinya aku pegangin mulu hahah.

I feel my face cleaner and softer after using this. Since it product claims to give a moist and natural exfoliation. It reduce my white heads a little bit, but don't give brightening effect. I think its just enough if it can clean and make my face smooth. The important thing is that this scrub does it job and doesnt break my face out. yippiy XD

Habis pake masker ini emg kliatan lebih bersih dan lebut bgt mukaku. Karena emg produk ini fungsinya melembutkan dan ngangkat sel sel kulit mati. Dan kayaknya emg komedo aku agak berkurang sedikit , dan ini ga ada efek nyerahin yah. karena emg produk ini ga ngeklaim untuk nyerahin muka. Dan yang paling penting produk ini bener bener bekerja dan ga bikin break out muka ku.


image make my face softer and cleaner
image nice scent
image affordable price
image no breakout


image paraben

Repurchased?definitely yes.


See yaa~~~ on my next post ^^~

Thursday, October 26, 2017


Today , I wanna review my favorite sleeping mask. Actually I never used any sleeping mask before, I just wear regular sheet mask sometimes before going to bed. Last time I got some sleeping mask sample from different brands, and I fell in love with sleeping mask from Tonymoly. yapp the product that will be reviewed today: TonyMoly Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack.

I use the sample for about 3 times, and I really love the result on me. That's why I decided to buy the full size of this product. Another things that made me not to think twice when buying this mask was the super cute and adorable packaging.

The container is in a real banana shape XD haha, such a great packaging idea. And it also detailed with banana sticker on it haha XD It's made from thick plastic container, but I can squeeze it easily to make the product out.

I really love the smell, it has banana scent. It smell so delicious XD Since I really love to eat banana, the smell doesn't bother me at all. The scent will fade away after applying the mask on my face, maybe still remain a lil bit and it makes me enjoy wearing this mask.

It has thick creamy texture, but spread and absorb easily on my skin. It really gives a lot of moisture directly after spreading evenly on my skin. It made with banana extract that hydrates, soothes, and moisturizes dry skin while we sleep. If you have really dry skin you can apply it generously on your skin, but if you have oily just use small amount of this mask. Since the small amount itself is already hydrating enough for dry skin.

I wake up to soft skin and it doesn't leave my skin greasy. The next morning, after rinsing with warm water, I really feel my skin become smooth, supple and dewy. Not only gives soft feeling, it also brighten my skin after using several times. I think it works well along with my daily skincare. I'm so happy that my skin remains hydrated and smooth throughout the day. It really perfect for my dry to normal skin haha. I also haven't broken out at all with this either.

Overall, I super duper adore this sleeping mask. I dont exaggerate it, coz I really love how this product work well on me. My skin looks really bright, healthy and glowy when  waking up in the morning after used this mask. I will definitely repurchase this sleeping mask.

Love :

-  moisturizing and hydrating
- cute packaging
- nice scent
- brightening

Hate :

- none


 See yaaa~~~~ on my next post ^^~

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Hi everyone Xd I’m back again :D Today’s post is a lil bit different, yapp as you can see from the title, haha I share an eyebrow tutorial today. Usually I just post product reviews or haul review right? Haha I’m not confident at all anw, since I’m not a pro to make tutorial post.

On my previous post, I have an eyebrow product review, so this time I will make a tutorial for my daily eyebrow using that product. I hope that all of you will enjoy this post XD Feel free to give any feedback (critics or suggestions) so that I can make better tutorial next time ^^~

Products used:

Zoya Eyebrow Pencil #black ( review: here )
Emina Top Secret eyebrow ( review: here

  1. This is my bare eyebrow, I always trim them so it become thin and neat.
  2. Shape my eyebrow using Zoya Eyebrow Pencil. Here you can use ur favorite eyebrow pencil to shape your eyebrows.
  3. Fill the eyebrows using Emina Top Secret Eyebrow. The same case with step 2, use your HG eyebrow powder product.
  4. I used the dark brown shade, starting from the outer to the inner part.
  5. Brush only the inner corner part of the eyebrow to make gradation.
  6. Done.  

I know that some of you may think that my eyebrows are a lil bit bold for daily or you can say it Shinchan’s eyebrows hahah. My friends said like that TT.TT some called it caterpillar’s eyebrows hahah. I always practice to make such a nice eyebrow shape, but this is the best that I can make T.T

So how’s my eyebrow?? Do you like them? Haha. Thank you for reading my tutorial XD

See yaaa~~~ on my next post ^^~