Monday, March 20, 2017


Last month I didnt purchase many cosmetics. I need to stop buying things that maybe I dont use daily or I just adore for their packaging only ㅠ.ㅠ but that sound hard for meh to do haha.

Bulan kemarin, aku batasi buat g belanja terlalu bnyk kosmetik. Boros bgt yah kalo cuma beli barang karna packagingya yg lucu ato barang yg limited edition ㅠㅠ  huhu tp susah bgt buat ngerem nya haha.

So, this February Haul only few items that I got. There are 4 items that I purchased from Testerkorea and the others I got from sponsored.

Jadi februari kemarin cuma beli beberapa kosmetik aja. Beberapa ak beli di Testerkorea dan beberapa dpr dari sponsor/ giveaway. Sebenernya ada bbrp produk dr Emina jg cuma ak g masukin ke post ini krna ini khusus Korean makeup haha.

Testerkorea Haul 

I only bought 4 items that I really want, haha and fortunately they also come in cute packaging so I dont think I waste my money for useless items haha.

Cuma beli 4 item aja, soalnya klo g keburu beli takut sold out lagi haha.Untungnya item yg aku beli ini kebetulan lucu lucu jg smua XD. Jadi g merasa bersalah beli nya soalnya bakalan dipake sih smuanya.

Holika Holika LAZY & JOY Cupcake Eyeshadow #Red Velvet ( Gudetama Edition ) ₩12,000

Finally I can get this quad eyeshadow from Holika Holika X Gudetama. The red velvet shade is the most favorite and always out of stock . So when they restock it, I buy it before they sold out again.

Ini nih yg paling ak pngen bgt punya. Kayaknya shade Red velvet ini yg paling populer soalnya sering bgt sold out di Testerkorea. Jadi pas kemarin restock ak buru buru masukin ke keranjang belanja sblm sold out lg haha. 

Holika Holika LAZY & JOY Egg Bun Puff ( Gudetama Edition ) ₩2,800

I dont have blender puff before, Im excited to try it. Since it also quiet adorable and affordable, I need to get this haha.

G pernah pake beauty blender sblmnya, trus pas nyoba pny adek kok kepengen pnya jg haha XD gmpang bgt kena racun. Pas Holika holika kolaborasi sama Gudetama kebetulan ada puff blender , harganya jg murah.  Ga ada salahnya buat beli, smg bagus puffnya.

Peripera Peri's Ink Velvet #New Bubble Pink ( Peripera X Power Puff Girls ) ₩10,670

Another most wanted collaboration last month is Peripera X Power Puff Girls. It always sold out stock in Testerkorea. Then I make a request item to Testerkorea to purchase the velvet ink. This is the newest shade from Velvet ink shades.

Salah satu kolaborasi yg banyak diminati, peripera X power puff girls. Semua item nya langsung sold out smua di Testerkorea ㅠㅠ. Jadi ak harus pake request item buat dapet lip ink ini. Ak pilih yang shade New Bubble pink, karena ini shade terbaru dari seri Ink Velvet. Ak uda pny Ink Velvet yg Dollish beige rose, ak suka bgt makanya ak pngen bgt coba yg ini jg haha. 

Laneige BB Cushion Whitening ( Lucky Chouette Edition ) ₩20,300

Bought this coz it was 50% sale on Laneige official site. Well, I cant ressist to not buy this haha. But I was a little bit disappointed when my order arrived. Testerkorea only sent me the refill 😠😠 awwffff.. So I emailed the customer service to explain it, why I only got the refill instead of the bb cushion set. After a long wait, finally they replied and apologize for what happend to me. They offer 2 solutions for me, to make refund or sending my missing item along with my future order. I choose option 2, coz I really wanna try the cushion.
So well Im going to make another order this month.

Ga sengaja pas kepoin Testerkorea ada Laneige BB Whitening Cushion Lucky Chouette edition yg lagi sale 50% XD Langung deh kalap masukin keranjang haha. Tapi pas kemarin dateng barangnya agak sebel marah emosii jg kwkwkw XD Langsung ak complain ke CS nya TK. Soalnya ak cuma dpt refill cushionnya doang yg harusnya ak dpt cushion set + refill. Lama bgt dpt balesannya, pas uda dibales merka minta maaf kalo mereka ngelakuin kesalahan buat masukin orderan ku. Ak dikasih 2 option, surug refund ato ngirim barang ku sekalian ntar pas ak order lg di TK. Ak sih pilih option 2 , soalnya ak pngen coba cushionya Laneige lagian jg pas harga sale haha .g mau rugi dong. ㅠㅠ  bulan ini jadi harus order lg di TK   ㅠㅠ.

Another items are sponsored products.
Item lainnya aku dapt dari spnsor dan giveaway. 

Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel #Deep Brown

I got this from BBCosmetics for reviewing purpose. I already made a review for this item (click here ). This is such a good and very convenient brow item for me.

BBcosmetic ngirim brow tatto ini buat direview. Ak udah review produk ini, bisa di lihat di post sebelumnya yah hehe. Ak suka bgt sma brow gel ini, klo penasaran baca full reviewnya aja deh.

13Month Skinship Steam Cushion

I got this from 0.8L Indonesia. Finally, Im so lucky to get a chance winning their giveaway haha. Since its really hard to win it. The review of the cushion is already on my draft, will post it soon ^^~

Yeyy akhirnya menang giveawanya 0.8L Indonesia XD. susah bgt buat kepilih jd pemenang giveawanya. Kebetulan ak kepilih untuk ngereview 13Month Skinship steam Cushion. Reviewnya uda ada di draft , ntar ak posting secepatnya haha.

Thats all of my haul last month. How about yours? Share with me on the comment box bellow ^^.
Uda itu aja haul bulan Februari kemarin. Kalau haul kamu apa aja?? bisa kok dishare di komen ato tinggalin link blog km buat ak kunjungi ^^ )//.

See yaa~~~~ on my next post ^^~

Friday, March 3, 2017


Hi everyone ^^ , I'm being productive these day haha. Taking picture, write review, do makeup for blog and many more. Now, today Im going to review Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel in Deep Brown shade. This is a sponsored review, BBcosmetics is kindly send me this for review purpose. Tho this is sponsored but I write this review honestly depend on my true experience using this product.

At first I wanna introduce BBcosmetic to all of you, BBcosmetic is an online beauty store based in Korea. They mostly sell wide range of Korean cosmetics brand. Tho they are based in Korea, they also have branch store in USA. They often held big sale and giveaway on their facebook or instagram account. Most their products are in sale, so the price is way more cheaper than the original price. And you know what? its free shipping worldwide. wohooo. So if you just wanna buy a single item or a bunch of make up, this is the right place girls XD haha. But unfortunately some of my favorite brand such as Peripera, Aritaum and Mamonde are not available there TT.TT I hope they will put them in store soon.

Customer Service
Talking about the CS, its such an important thing everytime we wanna buy things online. Their customer service, Irene who contacted me through email is really kind and friendly. She also inform me the tracking number after my package was sent. Our message will be replied in 48 hours so please be patient ^^, they will surely reply our email.

Shipping Time
My package arrived a week after they sent my package, they used EMS. That is why my package arrived so fast haha. But since I never purchased from their web yet, I dunno how long their regular shipping times. Im planning to purchase some products on their web, I will update on my blog to let you know about the shipping time.

Okay, enough for the store intro XD anw what step that make you take the longest time when do make up?? For me is "eyebrow" haha, my eyebrows have no shape so I need to shape my eyebrow with pencil eyebrow first, fill my eyebrow with eyebrow powder and then finish it with eyebrow mascara TT.TT such a long way to do my eyebrows. But now I can reduce or skip that step by using Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel. Read my review until finish to know hows the product works on me ^^.


I got this along with the Drawing Brow Guide to draw the my eyebrows. Its a set product, so you will get the Brow Guide and the Tattoo brow gel in a packet. I ask my Korean friend to translate the brow name hahah XD.

Style 1  Chic Brow

Style 2  Natural Brow

Style 3  Babyface Brow

There are 3 style of eyebrow shapes you can choose to shape your bows. On the back side there are directions how to use the brow guide. The brow guide is very elastic and easy to use. Also its easy to clean after using it.


It comes in a brown box, it look masculine and manly for packaging I think hhaha But it looks adorable with the cute font and the brow gel ilustration. There are informations, ingredients and directions about the product that are written in Korean and English. Usually most Korean cosmetics only written in Korean, that makes some of international buyers cry a river coz we dunno the meaning haha.

There are 3 shades available: 01 Natural Brown, 02 Deep Brown and 03 Ash Brown, and I choose Deep Brown shade. The product itself come in a brown tube packaging, the same color with the box. 

Some people might think that applying brow tattoo is wasting time, we need to wait them dried and then we can peel them off. Not efficient to use if we are in a hurry. But I dont think so, I think it will save our time in doing our eyebrows. Actually we just need to wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour to peel them off. But I prefer applying them before sleeping. So this is such a nice tip to apply them at night if u are in a hurry at the day.

On the box is written that we suppose sot to wear any make up or skin care before using this brow gel. And The perfect time to get more lasting color or reach the best result is applying this before sleep and peel off after waking up.

The wand of the brush is long enough, while the brush is short like a nail polish brush. With the long wand it is easy to draw eyebrows.

The products is in a soft gel form that dries up and turns into a soft peel-off gel without making skin irritation. It have a light scent, I dunno how to describe it but its not bothering me at all. So it will be safe to use, since it also enriched with the extract of black bean, black berry, panthenol and portulaca for hair strengthening. The texture of the gel is look a like liquid eyeliner but thicker. 

It is really easy to apply the brow gel. You can use the brow guide or just by following your eyebrow shape. Here I used brow guide no 3, the babyface brow or Korean brow style is my daily brow. Make sure to apply this in thick coat so it will be easy when we peeled them off. I apply this before sleeping and peel them off in the morning. I peel them starting from the tail, and it didnt hurt me at all. haha at first I was afraid that it will be hurt.

The color is really dark brown, I love it. It suits with my real hair color haha. It leaves natural looking tint onto my brows. Thing that become my concern is that I should not use any cleansing product within 24 hours after applying the brow gel. Well yeah but still, I wash my face like usual, also wudhu 5 times but the eyebrow still there haha.

After day 2 and 3, the eyebrow faded away a little but still visible, so I dont need to touch up my eyebrows. It still make my eyebrow in shape and still look natural. I will update for day 4 and so on.

How to use  Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel . 

1. First brush your brow using the eyebrow screw, remember dont wear any make up or skin care before applying the product. ( its recommended to trim your eyebrow first. )

2. Next, you can use the brow guide or just draw following your eyebrow shape. Choose one between 3 styles brow guide, once u have drawn the desired shape, press gently with your fingers so taht the finger holds the skin.

3.Apply a liberal amount to avoid skin irritation, draw a line to define the shape of the eyebrows, following the brow guide. Complete drawing the other side in the same manner.

4. Dry for at least 1 hour. After drying completely, remove slowly starting from the tail of the eyebrow.

5. Dont use any cleansing product within 24 hours. Touch on the eyebrow area whitin 24 hours of using the product.

Overall, Im really impressed with this product. This is the first time I tried tattoo brow gel but it work well on me. My eyebrows are still looked natural and thick , haha really love it. Also I can save time when doing make up. hahah

Repurchased? Yeah I woud like to try the light brown.

Where to Buy? 

Image may contain: text 
Here is the link of the product ( link here
Price : $ 9.08 ( its on sale now)
Or you can visit their website to find another products


Use this Coupon Code: CY4ER8UTOMDS for 8% off.


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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Hi everyone, time flies really fast and now is already March T.T. I just wish I can write blog post more often this month ^^. Okay, today Im going to review 2 products that I got from Kawaii Beauty Japan collaborate with Dejavu Indonesia. Im so happy that I had chosen to get and review them. I got Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara and Dejavu Lasting Fine Eyeliner. 

Dejavu is a Japanese brand focusing on mascara product. They launched Dejavu Fiberwig as the single item which has function to lengthen the eyelashes. Since its debut in September 2001, Dejavu Fiberwig received a lot of people's support and loved by everyone, so they had developed quality improvement and additional products in order to respond the customers' feelings.

Pic from Cosme web. 

Dejavu Fiberwig also received the 2nd Best Cosmetics Award in the first half of 2016 by Cosme in mascara category and Dejavu Lasting Fine Eyeliner became the 2nd Best Cosmetics for eyeliner. It means that they are really good products and most people wear them.

I was very impressed when the package had arrived. KBJ packaged it beautifully in a red box. Thanks Kawaii Beauty Japan ^^~~ Okay now lets review for both the Dejavu product that I got ^^~


This is a pencil eyeliner type. It comes in a red pencil packaging. We only need to twist the bottom part to make the product comesp out. The product is only 1mm and 2,5cm long. I think its long enough to wear , maybe it can last until 2-3 month usage.

Actually it has 3 color available: Deep Black , Real Black and Deep Brown. I think mine is the deep black or the real black, since it doesnt clearly written on the package. It is very soft and easy to draw. We can adjust the line become thin or thick as we wish. 

It claims that the eyeliner lasts for 1 day (24 hours ). It is sebum, sweat, tears resistant to prevent panda eyes, even if rubbed, the line does not become thin. I had prove it by swatch it on my hand and dip it into the water, then rub it but the line are stay still. It can remove easily with warm water without eye remover.  On the smudeproof picture above I rub after using warm water, I rubbed it and it didnt smudge at all and easily came off.

How to draw beautiful line:

~ Draw a little by little as you move left and right, if you pull the skin corner of the eye gently laterally, it will become easier to draw.

~ Put out the product only 1 mm and use it, since the product is so soft, it may break if it puts out too much.

~ Close the cap until you hear "click" sound. If you leave it unclosed, the product will become hard, making it difficult to draw.

Overall, this is such a good product, usually when I wear this type of eyeliner it will cause panda eyes on me T.T. And it really hurt when remove it with eye remover since I need to rub hardly to clean it. But this eyeliner only need warm water and gentle rub to remove it. 


soft and easy to draw
waterproof and smudgeproof
easily remove with warm water




Just like another mascara, it comes in a tube packaging but more bulky. With simple design it looks elegant and easy to grab. It only decorated with Dejavu Fiberwig print on it. 

The curvy brush is designed to lengthen the lashes. We can see clearly the film of fibers on the brush.

It formulated by a film liquid of fibers which differentiate with the others mascara. With this film, they claim that our lashes will become water and sebum resistant. It means that the mascara cant wash out easily by oil, water and sweat even tears. But it can be removed easily just by using warm water. I'm really amaze with this XD It's so perfect for my sensitive eyes. My eyes are easily to get irritated with some waterproof eye makeup, it will make my eyes swollen if I dont clean them properly so Im really happy to get this kind of mascara. 

Not only waterproof, it also smudge-proof from gentle to harsh rubbing >3< ). Most mascara will make us got "panda eyes" every times we rub or sweat.

As the main function is to lengthen the lashes, the mascara promised that this can give falsie effect to our lashes. The finish make us look like wearing false lashes. We don't need to wear false lashes anymore. Even we can wear it with many coats to get the best result without make our lashes clumsy and bunch up. It also formulated with Hydrolyzed silk, apple extract, honey (moisturizing ) to prevent moisture evaporation and damage lashes.

How to use Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara

~ Fit the concave portion of the curve of the brush to the base of the eyelash horizontally so that the entire eyelashes are lifted.
~ To make it longer, after finishing the whole lashes, apply the brush vertically and add the fiber to the end of the eyelash tip.
~ For curling long-lasting, it is effective to use curler after completely drying.
~ When removing, put plenty of warmt water in the eyelashes. Just gently blush with your fingers. When dry, rub it with a cotton swab and you can peel off cleanly.
Since my lashes are really really sort and invisible, I really love to wear mascara that gives extra length to lashes. Even I cant curled my lashes with eyelashes curler since they are very short and thin XD

On the pic it didnt capture that the mascara lenghten my lashes, but actually it really did. My lashes look beautiful without using fake eyelashes ~~♡♡. yayy.

Overall, I really love this mascara. It really meets my high expectation to this product. A waterproof mascara that can be easily remove just with warm water without causing any burden on the eyes.

Note: dont save the mascara directly under the sun and closed tightly after using the mascara.


Waterproof and smudgeproof
give falsie effect
easily come off with warm water



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