Thursday, September 13, 2018


I was so excited that my best friend gave birth already, her new born baby is really cute. Ah I become an aunty now haha. So Im planning to visit her after she left the hospital. I think Im going to buy some clothes for her baby boy. 

Accidentally, I'm cooperating with POPREAL.COM , its an online fashion boutique for newborn baby, toddler, kids clothing and accessories. They also sell matching outfit for the mother and her baby. Its really good to know there is a website that provides safe and healthy products for babies. 

So here I will choose some clothes as reference from the website. There are so many boys clothes sets on their web. Its really hard to choose which one is my favorite because they all are so pretty adorable.  Not only the boy clothes, there are also so many girls sets that catch my attention because they are really cute.!h320-w320 

To look more casual, the long shirt and ripped Jeans set is best option. There are 3 colors choices available: yellow, red and green.!h320-w320  

This suspender is really fashionable. This outfit looks so awesome and comfortable to wear also.!h320-w320 

For the new born baby, I think this suit vest looks so cute and fashionable to wear. The bow tie adds the cuteness of this suit.!h320-w320

Not only suit sets, there are so many dress, top , shoes and accessories sold there. Kids coat also can be an option for a present to the newborn baby.!h320-w320!h320-w320!h320-w320!h320-w320 

What do you think about their collection? they all are so fashionable and adorable right? You can visit their web since they held an autumn event and flash sale. Dont worry they shipped worldwide and u will get  free shipping on order over $89. 


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Sunday, September 9, 2018


Hi everyone, today I'm going to share another lips product :Peripera Ink The Airy Velvet. #10 Dry Rose Brown. This is my second shade that I have from my Peripera Ink Airy Velvet Collection, I've already reviewed it too here.

This is one of their new shade collection, so I'm really excited to try this color. The dry rose brown looks so tempting in the promotional picture and really my kind of lips color. 


I wont talk more about the packaging here, as u know its typically of Peripera ink product and totally super cute. Many people get it wrong as a real ink containers everytime they see it lol.

Color and Pigmentation

This is a MLBB color in Ink Airy Velvet collection, it looks a bit dark pink brown shade in the promotional pic, but the actual shade when applying on my lips is a bit lighter shade. Its really pretty and kind of unique to me. I think I've never had lips product with this shade haha.  Its more pink purplish on me. It has the same color after the tint sets as the stain. It also has nice scent, compare with the Elf Light Rose shade, this has better scent.

The pigmentation is good, only with one swatch we can make a beautiful gradient lips, but I prefer full lips using this shade. It looks tempting and sexy wearing this. This shade is also perfect for blusher. To achieve igari or cute makeup you can use it as a blusher.


As I said from my previous review about this product. It has lightweight formula and really smooth when applying it on my lips. It has matte finish. It dries my lips a little but still tolerable, so make sure to do lip scrub before to lessen the dryness and chapped lips. And it works on me, it looks better after Im scrubbing my lips first XD

Staying Power

Surprisingly it stays longer on me than the Elf Light Rose shade, which fade away easily after having meal or drink. I brought this on my one day trip, had breakfast and lunch with greasy food but this tint stayed still beautifully and only fade a little so I didnt need to retouch often when I was on vacation. As I remember, I just retouched once after 7 hours and it stayed till night.

Love :

image cute packaging
image pretty shade
image long lasting
image can be used as a blusher

Hate :

image dried my lips a little

I highly recommend this  product who love matte lips product that has great pigmentation and staying power. You can go to my HiCharis Shop to purchase this product with special price from me ( $7.99 from $12 ). Dont worry the products are sent directly from Korea and its pretty fast shipping compare with others.

Product Name
Peripera Ink Airy Velvet 

Where to Buy

$ 7.99


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Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Another lips product review today ^^ . Lakme 9to5 Primer Matte lipstick #crimson catch probably is one of lipstick that I wanna try. Actually I'm prefer lip cream to lipstick product. But since its a matte lipstick, I'll give it a try. Surprisingly it becomes my favorite lips product that I wear these recent days lol. This will be a short review, but please read until finish ^^ hope you enjoy reading this.

The rose gold packaging make it look s expensive and elegant at glance. The box and the tube have the same color and design for the packaging.

Color and Pigmentation
Crimson catch is beautiful and tempting red-orange shade. I really love how it instantly brightens my face. Its very pigmented and opaque color, it gives full coverage in one swatch. Of course its build-able to achieve bolder finish with more layers.  When swatched it on my hand, the stain stayed up to 2 days, though I removed it with micellar water and foam, it stayed still.

It has satin matte finish. The formula is creamy and smooth. Its glides smoothly on my lips and doesn't dry or crack my lips. 

Staying Power 
This product can stay about 5-6 hours without eating, after having meal or drink the color will fade away but still leave a sheer stain on my lips. Though it has matte finish but this does transfer easily and doesn't longlast. But no worry, we can reapply it ^^ that's not a big problem for me.

Love : 

- Pigmented and pretty color
- moisturizing
- matte finish 

Hate : 

- not transferproof

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Sunday, August 19, 2018


Hi everyone, today post is not about beauty or fashion but i think it has a lil bit concern about health. Any of you has sensitive skin and extreme allergies, yeah u r in the right place to find the solution. Im going to introduce you a bedding online store that sells silk bedding and silk sleepwear: Freedomsilk

The creator of FreedomSilk was prescribed acne medication which resulted in extremely sensitive skin and thinning hair. Her dermatologist suggested sleeping on a silk bedding. She found out the best manufacturer of silk in China for the highest grade, 100% pure, all-natural silk with luxurious and durable weight. The best silk possible for the skin, completely free toxins and allergen. The result was dramatic and immediate, this method worked well on her. Thats why she created freedomsilk to give best solution for us who have the same concern as her. 

There are tons of bedding products in Freedomsilk. All their products are 100% grade 6A Mulberry silk and has OEKO certified for non toxic dyes. Its worldwide shipping and free shipping on order over $40. Any luxury silk bedding, sleepwear, and bedding accessories we can find there.  

It got many good reviews from customers. They said its very soft and comfortable without being extra slippery. The sheets gives cool feeling that make it perfect and comfy for summer time. It available in many color choices and different size for our bed. 

Not only silk bedding, we can also purchase elegant and luxurious silk nightgowns here. Any kind of sexy and cute nightgowns with the best silk material. 

They are such attractive and lovely nightgowns. They have great shape and quality of silk. Also have sexy and sweet design with lace and ruffles detail which I really love. It will feel sexy and flattering wearing this for sleep. 

Use code: summer to get 10% off on ur purchase at Freedomsilk. Have a sleep well at night by wearing their luxurious bedding set and sleepwear.  


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